Scientific Research Platform for AI Generation.

A platform designed for Scientists and Technologists to push the limits of Innovation with tools designed in the Artificial Intelligence Generation

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What we do @ Invaana

Re-Wiring the Scientific Data

We are re-wiring the scientific data from various formats into boths simple and complex Graph formats that can be add whole different level of boost to your research by establish connections between data.

Personal Research Assitant Bots

We live in age where Personal Assistants and Automation are common for handling both complex and boring tasks. So, we are bringing a whole new experience of the automation for the scientific research needs.

Platform for Scientific Computing

With a complete suite of scientific computing and research tools that you can access from your Mobile, Desktop or pretty much any device that has a Web Brower, you will never run out of options to do your research.

Opensource Communities

We are in the era of Opensource where people help each other and establish collaborations based on the trust from the Communities. So we made it easy for you to find collaborations, resources.